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Convention Planning


Whether your delegates are from St. John’s or from other parts of the world, City & Outport Adventures would be honored to cater to your guests. City & Outport Adventures will gladly provide experienced and fully uniformed drivers to meet your delegates at the airport and take them to their destination, whether it is their place of stay, conference room or an unforgettable night on the town.

You will not want to miss a night of entertainment and great food. City & Outport Adventures also delivers a memorable night of award winning dance and entertainment along with a meal that will certainly delight your taste buds. If you are a conference planner and would like a private booking for your delegates, City & Outport Adventures has the services and facilities to accommodate you and your guests. We can provide a meet and greet dinner for delegates as they arrive in St. John’s, with an official welcome to our unique corner of the world by our unofficial ambassador (Uncle Skipper). If a farewell dinner for delegates’ final night in Newfoundland is better suited to your itinerary, we can provide a night of fun and laughter that will leave everyone with memories of their trip to our province. Whatever is preferred, the combination will be a fulfilling experience that will definitely bring you back for future conventions and conferences.

Visiting from out of town and want to experience a tour of a beautiful and historic city? Let City & Outport Adventures experienced tour guides show you and your delegates beautiful scenery and historic sights that will leave you breathless. There are over a dozen captivating tours that can be seen as a group or individually. If you wish to book a tour for a group, City & Outport Adventures will be happy to provide your delegates with group rates.

Mile One Civic and Conference Center offer's a new and innovative location to host future conventions and conferences, the timing is perfect to contact City & Outport Adventures and have us help you to plan a first-class event!


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