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St. John's
Cape Spear
Marine Drive
Bell Island
Conception Bay
Baccaleau Trail
Cape St. Mary's
Irish Loop
Walking Tour of St. John's
Viking Trail

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Oil & Gas Industry
St. Pierre & Miquelon
BBQ Cruise
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Luncheons available
NFLD Entertainment
The NFLD Soiree
"Screech-in Ceremony"
Step on Guide Service
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  Ski Adventures

White Hills
Marble Mountain
Mont Tremblant
Banff / Lake Louise
Whistler / Blackcomb

Picture perfect.
Landscapes and seascapes to make you catch your breath.
Majestic icebergs and magnificent whales.
Quiet coastal villages and a bustling capital.
Newfoundland and Labrador is a photographers dream, offering a variety of possible subject matter.
We offer you a few snapshots here, but can tell you that there is so much more.
C'mon over and see for yourself!

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A Moving Experience
Imagine birds, bergs, and whales. Imagine a rugged seacoast and a friendly people. Imagine being here.

With the following RealVideo files, you can catch a glimpse of what your trip could include. Simply click on the image below, and wait for it to load. Of course, you'll need a RealVideo Player to see it. Fortunately, they're free! Just click here to download your own copy.
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  Steele & Steps

Dinner Theatre
Irish NFLD Step Dance Instruction
Entertainment Services

  Dive Adventures

A - Conception Bay
B - Southern Shore
C - Combination of A & B

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White Hills
Marble Mountain
Copper Creek