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Steele N' Steps
Newfoundland Soiree

Experience the Newfoundland Hospitality that has been passed on generation after generation for over 170 years. City & Outport Adventures would like to extend a thousand welcomes to the many return visitors. As a creation out of demand our tour guides and entertainers have prepared an evening of fun, food and entertainment also locally referred to as a "scoff and a scuff". Hosted at the famous Murray's Pond Country & Fishing Club in scenic Portugal Cove or at the many authentic St.John's and Corner Brook locations offering wheel chair accessibility with a prestigious view over the city of St. John's or Corner Brook.

The evening offers a famous traditional Newfoundland meal "A Scoff and A Scuff" and all of its trimmings. Or a choice of local tender braised beef or fresh pan-fried cod or how about a braised skinless and boneless chicken breast stuffed with Newfoundland's popular grown herb "Savory" all served with locally grown vegetables steamed to perfection, Dessert is always a surprise but you can be sure its Newfoundland Flavored!

Following the meal guests are then invited to relax and enjoy a local beverage from the available cash bar. Traditional Newfoundland award winning entertainment will be the highlight you were waiting for as the best of Newfoundland entertainers share stories, songs and dance. Accompanied by the accordion, guitar, or fiddle.  Our "Newfoundland Pride" is showcased with opportunity to join in the many famous Newfoundland Songs that has carried the oral history of Newfoundland for over 500 years.

A showcase of "Steele N' Step's" International Gold Medalist's performing Traditional Newfoundland Step Dancing that will astonish all that are fascinated by the fact that it is a part of the education of Newfoundlanders since 1806 and inspired Michael Flately in 1992 to choreograph "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance." And that's not all!

A Newfoundland visit isn't complete until you've met the Unofficial Royal Uncle Skipper. This hilarious character will tell you stories that you will hurt from laughing. Pre booking The Royal Order of Screecher's Ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome or bid farewell of your Newfoundland Experience with an abundance of cherished memories of the " Newfoundland Soiree" to last you a lifetime. Since 1990 we have hosted over 1000 sold out venues and there were over 30 sold out shows this past year! So book early and enjoy what has always been the highlight for all visitors. "Steele 'n' Steps Newfoundland Soiree !"

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