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Experience "A little bit of France in the New World"

Situated a mere 18 miles of the southern coast of Newfoundland, St Pierre and Miquelon are an enclave of French culture and cuisine here in North America. A three and a half hour motor coach tour through the rolling countryside of the province's interior, followed by a brief one hour ferry ride aboard the modern motor vessel, "St. Eugene," brings you to one of eastern Canada's most popular holiday getaways.

First discovered by the Portuguese in the early 1500's, the islands were later claimed for the king of France by the famous explorer, Jacques Cartier.

At the end of the Seven Years War, the Treaty of Paris officially awarded France the two islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon in 1763 and they remain to this day a "Collectivitee Territoriale."

The islands' colorful history is based on the fishing heritage prevalent to the eastern shores of the continent. As evidence of this, the shores of St. Pierre and Miquelon are dotted with hundreds of shipwrecks.

The islands' gained great prominence during the Prohibition era in the United States. Canadian distilleries legally exported their products to huge warehouses on the islands. There, American rumrunners purchased over 250,000 cases of liquor a month and smuggled them into the United States.

Today the culture of France is alive and vibrant in almost every aspect of the businesses and social lives of the residents. The shops are full of French jewelry, perfumes, woolens, liquors and fine wines, in many instances, at a fraction of Canadian prices.

The meals produced by the restaurants of St. Pierre are a gourmet's dream, as are the products of the pastry shops and bakeries.

So, come journey to "a little bit of France" on Newfoundland's doorstep. Spend two nights sampling the culture and cuisine of the islands and savor the delights of a St. Pierre and Miquelon Adventure.

Package Includes

· Return transportation from St. John's to Fortune ferry terminal
· Ferry from Fortune to St. Pierre and return
· Two nights accommodation at the Hotel Robert or Hotel Neptune
· Continental Breakfast each morning and welcome drink at your hotel upon arrival

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